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Mobile Truck Repair For Your Fleet

Mobile Truck Repair in Mobile Truck Repair Near Me provides mobile truck repair service for diesel, heavy duty, semi-truck & trailers in Orange county.

At Mobile Truck Repair Near Me, we understand how important it is to have a trusted and reliable truck repair service partner for truck fleet owners.

Breakdowns are a part of the truck driving career and are also unavoidable. Sometimes these breakdowns happen at the most unexpected time and route, with no sign of any repair service nearby. This is why you need Mobile Truck Repair Near Me at your service. Our dedicated team of professionals is only a call away whenever you get stuck in such a situation. We are always prepared to handle any type of truck repair service to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

We provide exceptional truck repair service for diesel trucks, heavy-duty trucks, a fleet of trucks, semi-truck, and trailers. Not only do we provide mobile truck repair service but also mobile fleet mechanic service too, which includes electrical repair, air brake service, flat tire repair and service, wheel bearing, and seal replacement.

All in all, we offer complete repair and maintenance service for all types of medium to heavy-duty diesel trucks and fleets. As we are in the business of repair and maintenance, we understand how your business relies on trucks for timely deliveries and loads. Therefore, we are committed to providing such a service that your truck’s downtime is significantly reduced, and they are fixed quickly and efficiently.

We provide an array of mobile truck repair, diesel truck mechanic, and fleet maintenance services.

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Our Services

As mobile truck repair services in Orange County, we come to you. Whether you need your truck serviced or need your fleet of trucks serviced, we offer our service for both. Also, included in our services are both minor and major truck repair services providing a complete package to our clients serving all their needs.

Minor Services

Our minor services are dedicated to keeping your diesel trucks well-maintained all year through. We always recommend servicing your trucks at least once a year to keep them ready for the road. 

These minor services include:

  • Fluid levels checked and topped
  • Brake adjustments
  • Oil level inspections
  • Transmission level inspections
  • Oil filters
  • Handbrakes checked
  • Cooling system inspections
  • Tires checked

Major Services

Our major services aim to provide you with a reliable mobile truck repair service partner that can handle all kinds of situations and maintenance for your trucks. We always recommend major service of the trucks done every 40,000kms to keep them well-maintained. 

As professionals in providing mobile truck repair service, our major services include:

1. Mobile Diesel Mechanic

Mobile Truck Repair Near Me is your local expert and mechanic service provider in diesel engines, offering high-quality and reliable repairs you can trust.

Our professional and experienced team of diesel mechanics is equipped to perform extensive and in-depth services for diesel trucks. No matter what and where the problem arises, our 24-hour mobile diesel mechanic team would come to your location and fix it for you. Our mobile mechanics are available to serve you in the best possible way.

2. Full Fleet Maintenance

Let Mobile Truck Repair Near Me be your fleet maintenance and service partner. Our dedicated team can efficiently take care of all servicing and repairs of your entire fleet of trucks. Always keep your trucks road-ready and in optimum running condition with our services.

3. Mobile Truck Road Service

We understand that loads are time sensitive, and as a business owner, you require minimum downtime. At Mobile Truck Repair Near Me, we offer timely and reliable mechanic services to deal with all kinds of repairs. Our mobile team of mechanics will come to you and get it all fixed so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

4. Emergency Diesel Repair Service

We are always prepared to provide you with the best service in every situation. We understand that road-side emergencies happened, and for that, we are prepared to give roadside assistance to truck repairs.

If you have an emergency, our professional team will come to you for emergency needs and roadside assistance.

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Orange County Mobile Mechanic

Mobile mechanics are a massive advancement for the automobile, truck, and RV repair business and a huge advantage these days. They are not only going to lower the strain related to automobile repairs, but they’ll save you valuable time and money. Considering our mechanics bring the shop to you, there’ll not be any requirement for you to hire a tow truck and wait, no need to take your broken-down automobile to the garage. While our mechanic is doing repair service on your vehicle, you’ll have the liberty to choose the way you would like to spend your own time. Some clients like having us come to their own homes so that they can unwind, but some favor getting us to come to their workplace so that they can find some important work done.

Why choose Orange County Mobile Mechanic

Not only do we offer incredibly prompt service to all of our clients, but we have some of the best mechanics in the business. Our service staff is Certified Mechanics, with over 20 years of hands-on experience. All have been thoroughly vetted through extensive background checks as well as their mechanical abilities. We take pride in the team we have built and invest heavily in keeping them up-to-date and current with ongoing training on the latest techniques. Investing in our team makes them better able to serve you.


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